Sunday, May 06, 2012

Charity Week Begins with Many of Odd Nature!

Charity week normally occurs during Easter/Passover but because there was some family issues going on at that time, I forgot. 

So, this week, attached to every Blog post will be an ask for two of my favorite charities:

Freedom House: Founded by Eleanor Roosevelt to support the creation of Democracy Overseas (as opposed to Dictatorships and Failed States); and

Fisher House: A place for families of Wounded Soldiers can stay near their son or daughter who was hurt in the field.

The Valley is pleased to support both groups. 

Please donate (Freedom House and Fisher House)!

And finally, to kick off this week with a bang!

Here is where I will be next week:

If you haven't heard of Many of Odd Nature, trust me, you will.

Please donate to Freedom House and Fisher House.

And now, listen to the next BIG thing, Many of Odd Nature:

Many of Odd Nature, Wolf vs. Moon

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