Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You're Doing it Wrong 2: Social Conservatives

I just returned from a great SFVRC meeting, found a parking spot (yes, this is LA -- important thing) and just cooked some damn good pasta, then I read the Memorandum feed. 

The only thing I have to say is this:

Frisky Dingo, Xander Crews saying "G-d Dammit!

 Richard Grenell worked under John Bolton and with President George W. Bush and unlike David Frum, still maintained his Conservative credentials.

Social Conservatives, let me tell you a little secret about Republicans in Los Angeles:

The GOP 50th Assembly District Committee, which include a position I am running for, includes some Gay Republicans on the ballot.  You know why?  Because the 50th includes Beverly Hills (where Governor, then President Ronald Reagan lived) and West Hollywood. 

View 50th Assembly District in a larger map

Now, if you want a longer term majority in the House and the Senate (and win 270 Electoral Votes via California which is what I was working on tonight at the meeting!), we in Los Angeles have to campaign in places like West Hollywood and Venice Beach.

That's the secret.  I just felt all the work I did earlier was upended by you Social Conservatives (I haven't endorsed Romney yet, I am putting that post together -- but time to stand as one).

Now, one of my friends and favorite Bloggers is Dan Blatt of GayPatriot -- he saw how sometimes the National Log Cabin would work against the GOP, thus they formed GOProudLoyalty to Party counts first and foremost and what you Social Conservatives did was put Loyalty second.

If you Social Conservatives wish to attack, attack Andrew Sullivan for his misogyny against Palin and his anti-Israel stances, attack Dan Savage for being an asshole, but if someone is Gay and in the GOP -- the Rule of Loyalty applies -- support any Gay Republican if they support us. 

Here is how I feel right now:

Planet of the Apes (1968) Ending

Social Conservatives -- stop playing Dr. Zaius and remember to win in November, we have to act like Taylor, fighting to the last.

My question: Will Social Conservatives stop attacking Gay Republicans? Please? 

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