Sunday, May 06, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- 'Salems Lot

In honor of the Moon tonight, a classic horror movie that scared me when I was young.

It is Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot directed by Tobe Hooper (Of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame).  It showed that if Hollywood basically follows the book, the story is much better on screen. 

Tomorrow night, I will be headed to Malediction and next week (which I will promote in the Valley), I will be seeing my friend Charly's band, Many of Odd Nature. If you are a reader of the Valley, find me there. 

One of the posts I will do this week will be about Musicians and Politicians; The rest, I will see where the tide takes me (I still owe a post about Super Tuesday to Newt's exit -- it's coming)

Now, before the show, enjoy some music:

Concrete Blonde, Bloodletting (Or the Vampire Song)

And now, 'Salems Lot....

'Salems Lot (1979), Part 1

'Salems Lot, Part 2

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