Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 2012 Tip Jar (Yes, another Gothy Muse!)

It's May 1st, so thank you for all your donations to the Valley.  Please keep them coming. 

As always,I need to raise $300 from the Tip jar.  However, later on this month will be Charity, then a Bleg for the summer.  Thanks for all your help. 

Again, please hit the Tip Jar.

As this is also the first of the month, I also bring you a Gothic Muse -- way cooler then any other Rule 5 girl you will see.  I speak from experience; meet me at almost any Goth club in LA (Ruin, Malediction, Warlock, Bar Sin) and you will see Muses walking all over the place.  Some of them even dance with me.  

And now we go to an Original Gothy Muse: the Great Bettie Page.  Many Goth girls imitate her style. 

Before you enjoy the pictures, hit the Tip Jar! Thanks!

Magazine Cover
Playboy picture (WOW!)

With a Whip!

Bettie on the Beach
Playing with her hair

Drawing by Olivia
Classic photo.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Please hit the Tip Jar!



  1. Tried to hit the tip jar, but Paypal said I couldn't do it from here.

  2. SDN,

    Try clicking on the sidebar.



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