Friday, June 01, 2012

June 2012 Tip Jar (Gothy Muse Included)

Thanks to all who helped with the Emergency Bleg last month. 

Now, the Valley is back on regular time.  And if Robert McCain, could, from an undisclosed location (and in hiding), donate to the Valley, so can you.  

As always, I'm trying to reach $300.  Any donation will be helpful.  

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This month's Gothy Muse is the beautiful and surreal Bai Ling.  

She has starred in some major Goth movies: The Crow and The Breed (2001).  Also, I give her credit for being in Southland Tales (one of the valley's favorite movies). 

Please hit the Tip jar. Thank you!

And here is the beautiful Bai Ling!

The Crow
Back Tattoo 
Sexy as Serpentine in Southland Tales

Silver Dress, red carpet
Promo Picture
In Tokyo Airport

Please hit the Tip jar! 

Also follow the lovely Bai Ling on her website and her twitter feed.  

Thanks for visiting the Valley!

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