Friday, June 29, 2012

Shades of AG Mitchell: The Contempt of Congress Vote Against AG Holder in Fast and Furious (not the movie)

Here is the Fast and Furious I like:

Here is the Fast and Furious I don't like:

Wide Receiver vs. Fast and Furious (NOT the Movie)

So, harkening back to Watergate, the President allows AG Holder to have Executive Privilege over Fast and Furious documents. 

What did Senator Obama say about Executive Privilege? (and what President Obama says in 2012)

There is a reason that Democrats have a habit of losing more then they win in these post Speaker Tip O'Neill days when there is corruption by the Republicans, they shout to the rooftops; When it is their own, no Democrat Elected or Partisan will ever say "This is wrong," 

Heck, Rep Rangel (D-NY), in trouble with tax issues was just re-elected in his Primary. 

Good job Democrats!

And voters notice these things.  (Hence the tag: Hypocrisy).

So, while Democrats "staged" a walkout during the vote, Brian Terry's death is still unaccounted for......because the President is a Democrat.  

How is President Obama and AG Holder different from this blast from the past?

AG John Mitchell

My question: Don't Democrats deserve to lose the Congress if they cannot keep corruption out of their party?

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