Thursday, June 07, 2012

Message from Wisconsin 1: It's the Message, not the Money

Look at this!

A year after the craziness of the Madison protests, the Left lost. 

(Thank you Ann Althouse for following the whole story!)

And, like clockwork, Ian Masters and KPFK (and other Bloggers of the Left, like tin foil hate wearer, Hart Williams join in the chorus) blame the outcome of Citizens United.

I have a few counters to that argument:

Money does not always win. 

And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Democrats and the Left have no concept of being told "No, we don't like what you're selling!"  In some Elections, you win and some you lose.  That's the nature of Politics. 

Once upon a time, Democrats would work on helping people and remember the role of the taxpayers in any plan.  Nowadays, they want the first half of the debate (helping people) without factoring in the latter (the taxpayers).  Of course you will lose!

When Democrats lose, they look at everyone but themselves. (Just listen to Ian Masters -- its always someone else's fault why the Left can't win!) 

Here's a hint:

If you're running around, tearing up a Capitol Building, making it hard to work and treat the opposition like crap, you are going to lose.

My question: At what point will the Left understand that you lose if you treat people like crap?

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