Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Scouring of the Shire (LA Primary Election 2012 Edition)

Unwelcome Return by Alan Lee 
Now it's time.

The final numbers are coming in from LA Votes and 6 of 7 of my friends made it into the 50th GOP Assembly District Committee.  

However, in an ironic situation, I won, but the PaulBots have run through RPLAC (mostly in the San Fernando Valley), knocking out three of my friends -- Sue Abato, Val Cymbal and Nancy Spero. And they forced out Chairman Hauter and her husband from the next cycle. They took 47 seats throughout the County. 

Hence, in my fight against Democrats (and Establishment Republicans who don't give money to RPLAC or CAGOP), I now have to focus on my home ground for competency.  PaulBots are not known for their people skills. 

The PaulBots targeted the Establishment and the Ground Level Republicans (and they are also doing it around the country).  

Thing is, this is the third attack on RPLAC by the PaulBots.  

1) A lawsuit against the Barnett Board during Election 2010 -- when we could have won. The Paul people have never apologized or conceded that they did wrong.

2) Cheating during a CAGOP Convention by double booking people to win a straw poll; and finally

3) One of the PaulBots, Dani Rasconi,  who was already in a Central Committee, happily produced an Anti-Israel video. Mind you, Los Angeles, has the second biggest population of Jews in the United States. (New York City being first). That's put her in alliance with KPFK, a progressive radio station.  

Progressives on KPFK  Republican or Libertarian

Yet most PaulBots choose to follow Progressives rather then Republicans.

PaulBots = Progresives and Obama Supporters
I've been in the Republican party longer then Ron Paul at this date.  I switched from Democrat to Republican in 1992 and never switched anywhere else.  Paul jumped from Republican to Libertarian to Republican again (and expected to win after attacking President Reagan in 2011).  Like Mordor, one does not come back in and expect to be Leader.

As someone who is able to campaign among the LA Goth scene, here is hint Paul people: They are like me, Social Libertarians, but you mention being a Paul supporter, and they think you are nuts.  Paul's isolationism and attacks on the Federal Reserve do not show "Truth to Power," they show craziness. 

When I move from the Goth scene to RPLAC, I am listened at both places because, I want Republicans (especially Social Libertarians) to win and I understand what my friends in both clubs are looking for in their politicians.  

 Even though I am probabaly playing Sam Gamgee in my loyalty to my mentors and RPLAC, here are a few things I expect from Paul Supporters now operating in RPLAC and again, after December:

Defeating Saruman (Paul) in Los Angeles or the Battle of Bywater
I) Raise funds for RPLAC or you will not have any candidate victories.  Don't act like PaulBots, act like Republicans when it comes to raising funds.  Anyone can look at that poster in the middle and wonder, why should any funds be given to people who couldn't support the Republican 2012 Presidential candidate? 

II) Do NOT make supporting Paul a litmus test for any activist or candidate -- you subtract more then you gain. And as a so called "neo-con" who is a Social Libertarian, I have read the Constitution too -- so have others. Do not insult Local Republicans or there will be no support outside of your own circles. Politics is about building coalitions not subtracting the less pure (which is why we on the Right have a shot against President Obama this year.) 

III) Back in the early to mid 2000's, there was a corrupt couple running RPLAC -- the Boyds.  They are gone now.  Don't complain about what isn't and create something lasting so that even non-Paul supporters can support RPLAC.   And don't act arrogant.

My question: Do Paul Supporters have RPLAC's best interest in mind? Why or why not?


  1. Hi, I'm one of those newly elected paulbots.
    I'd like to work with you.
    let's take an oath to the constitution together in front of at least three witnesses, and have our signed oaths notorized, and I'll be more than happy to work with you to make sure we can protect against socialist democrats.
    I am the most socially conservative person in the Paul camp, please accept my olive branch.

  2. I carry around The heritage Foundation Guide to the Constitution. I'll bring it to the next RPLAC meeting. if there is a Notary, great, if not, we will have the three witnesses.

    Thank you Michael for being willing to build a coalition -- I want to win, I just need to know that my back is covered even if I don't like Dr. Paul.

    Expect an email after Sunday.


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