Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Miami Vice (1980's)

In High School, I owned a Yellow "Crockett" jacket because I was a big fan of  Miami Vice.

Like this, but in yellow
Tonight, while I celebrate more numbers coming in for my Election (5,269 votes. Yes, 5,269! Votes!) at Ruin, I give you a night of Miami Vice, music and episodes.

Some posts for this week:

1) Fast and Furious (of course);

2) Romney and Tampa 2012; and

3) The American Space (colonies and ships), Part 1 of 3.

Now, some songs:

Jan Hammer, Miami Vice Theme

Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight

And now,

Miami Vice, The Pilot

Miami Vice, Heart of Darkness

Enjoy your summer!

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