Sunday, June 17, 2012

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman LAUSD, Part 3

Dear Dr. Deasy,

Within the Political Blogger community, there is a saying when one wants to convey shock at stupidity. It is Whisky Tango Foxtrot? 

Seriously, after all these months, whisky tango foxtrot? 

First off, every major organization needs office staff (i.e. CSEA); And every organization needs leaders, but what taxpayer funded organization hires Chiefs at six figures (during the Great Recession , no less) and rids themselves of staff whose job it is to enact policies?  

Do Special Ed parents speak to you directly when they have problems, or do they speak to the staff who can help them? And by getting rid of staff, do you think that no parent or any other person would not notice?

(And if Special Ed parents can speak to you when they have problems, give my Mom's department your cell phone number so you can help them; Rather, then, say, RIF them.)  

Secondly, between the debacle at Miramonte and former Chairman Cortines' sexual harassment case, the funds from the staffs who do good are being sucked away by those who do harm.

What logic is behind that?

Or again, whisky tango foxtrot?

When Republicans stand up and talk about "waste, fraud and abuse," it only takes one Elected to point to LAUSD and ask for reform.  And the press will follow, especially during an Election year.

During this "Great Recession," why are the Chiefs of each department making over six figures of taxpayer funds? Why is Former Supervisor Cortines allowed to suck taxpayer funds away from LAUSD to settle a sexual harassment case?  And if Miramonte took 20 years to find, why are taxpayer funds still going to the guilty?

Dr. Deasy, all you have to do to make things work is talk with Espiee Medellin and help the staffs, the taxpayers and parents of Los Angeles and LAUSD.



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