Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing My Dad on Father's Day

Yeah, it's Fathers Day -- and I still miss my Dad.

Until I get a scanner (for laptop and desktop), I cannot post any pictures of him yet.

I always called him "O'dad," and he always picked my brain about "What the fuck was going on in Capitol Hill?"  

He went from being a Pentagon Guy to being a Hippie to being a friend of lobbyists so that, in the end, he would always say he was in the "I don't give a shit party,"  In other words, if Dems or Reps did something to help his business, he was happy.

My dad and I would always go fishing off Brooklyn and in St. Croix -- whether I had sea sickness or not, he would cheer me on to get the fish.  For him, fishing was his Zen Time. At my age of 41, I understand.

My Zen Times are walking down La Brea or hanging out on the Terrace of the Monte Cristo.

Silence + Thinking = Zen Moment

OK, before I leave this post, here is a song for my O'dad -- I still miss him

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