Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winning in Los Angeles (FInal Election 2010 Edition)

We are coming into the final two weeks in the campaign; As the rain falls on the freeways, the media is focused on other states and cities. 

As everyone in Los Angeles knows, every promise made by one person and their staff at the top of the ticket have not come to pass -- not keeping promises (when circumstances DO allow) is one of the biggest loser of activist votes the anything else.   And that has hurt us all in Los Angeles.

I will discuss more about the above paragraph after the Election.  Now let's get psyched!

After election night, I hope to play the sequel to this tune. 

Here are some more ways to win:

1)  Think like an Artist:  The game might be politics, but we are in one of the creative Capitols of the Nation.  There are actors, directors, fashionistas, fanboys, musicians and Goths here.  Most of the  voters within Los Angeles County are tied some way into the Industry (Movie, TV or music or all three); Appeal to there artistic ideals and that is one more vote (or group of votes).  And our County and State party should be venturing into SAG, DGA, etc. to make friends and contacts.  Why?  They are our voters

2)  Find and focus on your local issues: Whether you campaign in North Hollywood, Northridge, Watts, West Adams, San Pedro or East Hollywood, local issues rule.  Find out when the future constituents in your district last saw their Congressman.  In the 30th CD, no one has ever seen Henry Waxman walk down Wilshire or eat in the Farmer's market in the last five years.  More stories like this are around LA. Also, what is the issue that motivates your voters? Water issues?  High crime rates?  Lack of Business?  Ask (as I'm sure you all are doing) and when you are in office, make two promises (that you keep):

A) Constituent Service that is available to ALL in the Congressional District.  The House budgets for offices in the District, use it. 

B)  Walk around the District when you are home -- see and be seen; And always have a good word for your Constituents on or off the Hill. 

3)   Always Cross-promote! (with a smile) I know two of the best candidates in the region: Mattie Fein and Merlin Froyd (Donate to both of them) .  Merlin is always campaigning and he always has a smile.  Mattie Fein is fighting hard in a difficult district, and again, she wins over her future constituents with a smile too. If you are able to talk to groups with people from many districts, always say a good word about other candidates this cycle.  Karma pays off well in the game of Politics.  Don't believe me? Ask Grey Davis about Karma in politics. 

4) Watch out for Zombie voting:  The Democrats run Los Angeles from top to bottom.  Be sure to have your partisans as Pollwatchers in throughout your Congressional district.  LA knows what Chicago does, be careful.  The only way to stop a Zombie Voter is to confirm they are alive and living at a current address.  Have your pollwatchers know your district! 

Finally, I will Blog Election Night at a party, please have Wi-fi available

After the election, I will write some more California Encyclicals; The Why's and How's of LA Election Night, Heroes and villains within LA and CA GOP circles, and how to prep for Election 2012. 

Also, I am putting together a book on Winning in Los Angeles and why the rest of the country should follow OUR lead. (with help from Robert Stacy McCain)   I will give many props to my friends. 

My question: What numbers do you see for Election Night in LA?   Who wins? Who loses? 

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