Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Carnival of Monsters

It's Autumn, Halloween season and it's also Saturday which means it's Doctor Who night! 

After the Election, I will go back on schedule with the Fourth Doctor, season 14 and after.  But for now, we will do some scary Who stories for this week and next week. 

I have a job waiting for me in Washington, DC if one of my candidate friends wins in Los Angeles (Which one? Vote for all the Los Angeles GOP candidates in your area and you'll find out!). On the Hill, I will work as an Legislative Assistant on Appropriations. Also, should the tide not hit Los Angeles, I will be planning to help the California Republican Party Magnolia Office in the next cycle (If you are running (1, 2) for Chair of the CRP 2011, contact me).  Also, I am prepping to write a non-fiction book about Politics, policy and Los Angeles after this election cycle is over.

Whether I work in DC or LA, I will be happy to be working again.  

And now, from the Third Doctor era, Carnival of Monsters!  

Enjoy Carnival of Monsters!  See it in daylight if you must.......

My question for the evening: Do you party on Halloween night and Election night?
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  1. Nice to see some Doctor Who fans are Conservatives.


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