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Barlow's Vampires and the Rumble in the Jungle: How to Counter-punch the Liberal Political Media Machine

In the last 12 days before the end of Election 2010, two things are afoot:  Halloween is close, so the worry of Zombie voters and Vampiric attacks along with the last punches of Obama's Empire is occurring.  These attacks are going after people I know as well as playing loose with the facts. 

First, let's listen to The Greatest tell how he practiced for the "Rumble in the Jungle,"

If you notice the Obama Empire (and their media friends), they always advertise their attacks and their targetThe Left always needs an Emmanuel Goldstein, and because of their NEED for one, it always helps to see who to defend. (If the Left did not NEED an Emmanuel Goldstein, they would lose half of their campaign rhetoric.)

Rumble in the Jungle -- 2010

In July, in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, there was already talk of "When would the White House and Big Business start to rumble?"   Read the article with the gripes of business' during this administration. 

Cue lights on October:  There were multiple attacks starting from Think Progress (Soros funded), the New York Times (which has not endorsed a Republican for President since before I breathed my first), and the White House on the funding of the Chamber of Commerce

To quote Robert Plant:  Do you remember laughter?  Because many political professionals were laughing (and still are today). 

The US Chamber of Commerce is a representation of the local Chambers of Commerce.  They know about how jobs are created then the Obama Empire.  If you know anything about how DC works, the lobbyists reprsent the locals, from Unions to Industries.

But this is another of the Democrats "If we don't win, you cheat,"  meme that they have been using since 2000.  Compare the Democrats reaction to losing to the Republicans, who spent 40 years in the wilderness in the House of Representatives....they didn't whine about the public.  Or Vice President Nixon on the corruption from Chicago?  He didn't whine, he ran again in 1968. 

When True Conservatives and Republicans lose, they take their lumps, learn their lessons, and try to convince the public in the next election.  (Those who lose the primaries and running this cycle are known as RINO's) 

As the Left needs Emmanuel Goldstein, they started with the New Yorker story on the Koch brothers.  This reminds me of a funny joke about marketers and dog food:

"Once upon a time a pet food company created a new variety of dog food and rolled out a massive marketing campaign to introduce the product. Despite hiring a first-rate advertising agency, initial sales were very disappointing. The agency was fired and a new agency and a new campaign was launched. Sales continued to disappoint. If anything, they fell even further. In desperation, the CEO called in all of the top executives for a brainstorming session to analyze what had gone wrong with the two campaigns and how a new campaign might revive sales,

"The meeting went on for hours. Sophisticated statistical analysis was brought to bear on the problem. One VP argued that the mix of TV and print ads had been messed up. Another argued that the previous campaigns had been too subtle and had failed to feature the product with sufficient prominence. Another argued that the TV ad campaign had focused too much on spots during sporting events and not enough on regular programming with a broader demographic. Another argued the opposite–not enough sports programming had been targeted. After the debate had raged for hours, the CEO felt they had accomplished very little. He asked if anyone else had any theories that might explain the failure of the new product. Finally, one newly hired employee raised his hand and was recognized. Maybe the dogs don’t like it, she said.,"

(h/t Cafe Hayek for the Anecdote)

The Democrats have run Congress since 2007; And they have owned the whole Government lock and stock since 2009.  You cannot blame the minority Republicans in Congress if people don't like your proposals. 

Also, do the Democrats want us to ask questions of the foreign money from George Soros? He has donated to the Democrats in 04, and 08Soros is not an American citizen! And don't make me bring up "No controlling Legal Authority," i.e. Manbearpig i.e Vice President Al Gore. 

And during 08, when the funds came through to Senator Obama, not ONE word about campaign finance (passed in 2002 by Senator Mc Cain)

The word, ladies and gentleman is Hypocrites.  If you complain about funding when you're losing, you are Whinging And yes, the Left is truly whinging it in 2010

And yet, like George Foreman in Zaire, President Obama and the Liberals telegraph their punches.

Even though the public voted for President Obama in 08, his losing Congress in 10 is because the public is "RAAAAACIST!" 

Oppose Obamacare? RAAAACIST!
Fiscal Conservative or Tea Partier? RAAAAAACIST!
Oppose Senator Reid or Speaker Pelosi? RAAAAACIST!

I can go on, but my voice is getting dry. 

Exactly 13 days before the election, the NAACP released an attack on the Tea Partiers and my friend, Pamela Geller.  I will always have Pamela Geller's back because I belive in the same fight she is waging.  To attack Pamela Geller, is to attack all of us Conservatives.  I will always stand by her. 

This yelling of "RAAAAACISM!" by the NAACP is a political attack, not a moral one. 

It's why the Elected Republicans don't listen to NOW anymore -- if a Democrat President like President Bill Clinton sexually harasses his underlings, he gets a pass; If Senator Packwood gets accused of the same exact thing, they send him to the wall.  So, is sexual harassment wrong or isn't it? For feminists, it depends on the political letter after your name. 

When all else fails, don't believe the voters don't like what you're selling, call them RAAAACISTS!

How does that help?

Vampire attacks and Zombie Voters

And now, if you remember the book (or 1979 TV movie) of 'Salems Lot, the tactics of Democrats and their media friends follows Kurt Barlow's takeover of The Lot.. 

In 06, Senator Lieberman was kicked out of the Democratic party for playing the role of Senator Vandenberg.  Today, Juan Williams was thrown off of NPR for stating an opinion on Fox.  Same tactics by the same people. 

If you want to know why Republicans are running on not playing nice with Democrats or President Obama, look to how the Connecticut Senate race in 06.  Reap what you sow, liberals.

'Salems Lot was a dying town in the early 70's and Kurt Barlow entered and took over.  The Democrats won in 08 because of the financial meltdown -- did they fix it? With a super majority in the House and Senate, they chose to scare the public with cap and trade and Obamacare. 

The empty storefronts around every city opens the door to a vampire menace, but the tea Partyiers shine the light the Obama Empire does not want the public to see.  The RAAAACISM charge is fading like a vampire in sunlight -- it doesn't work anymore. 

The NAACP, NOW and the Media are Straker to the Democrat's Barlow.  It is time to call them out.

And the Zombie Voters?  Every candidate should have pollwatchers to make sure the dead don't vote.  Obama is from Chicago and he was not known for cleaning up any corruption over there

Winning the Fight  -- 2010

The Obama Empire has only one punch -- blame others, never back up any staff in trouble.  When the House and Senate Oversight committees fall in GOP hands, investigate, subpoena and televise those connections. 

In these last two weeks, every Blogger, candidate and staff should highlight that Democrats always whine "If we don't win, you cheat," all the time.  It's all they know. 

In these last two weeks, back up our candidates and fight for the light.  How many jobs did the Obama Empire create vs. the Chamber of Commerce? Hint: A lot less.

Stand firm and fight the demons of the Left.  We stand in sunlight while the Obama Empire tries to crush us all.

We are the Muhammad Ali in 1965; The media and their compatriots always "Boo" our people, but we have more then one type of punch.  Watch and learn:

My question: How do you plan to fight back? And why have the Democrats used the same rhetoric since 1964?

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