Thursday, October 28, 2010

Endorsement Day: November 2010 House races, County Assesor and etc.

Let's finish Endorsement Day!
In Los Angeles, there are a few major House races,  here are people to vote for
(* = Worked with candidate ** = My home district)
House Seats
CD 22    Congressman Kevin McCarthy
CD 25    Congressman Howard P. McKeon
CD 26    Congressman David Dreier
CD 27    Mark Reed *
CD 28    Merlin Froyd * (This guy is a winner, get to know him NOW)
CD 29    John P. Colbert * (GREAT Tea Party candidate from Pasadena)
CD 30    Charles "Chuck" Wilkerson **
CD 31    Stephen C.Smith
CD 32    Edward Schmerling
CD 33    James L. Andion
CD 34    Wayne Miller
CD 35    Bruce Brown
CD 36    Mattie Fein (With that last name, how can she be anything but a winner?)
CD 37    Star Parker (Another winner)
CD 38    Robert Vaughn (he owes money to Chairwoman Barnett of the LAGOP)
CD 39    Larry S. Andre (Nice guy)
CD 42    Congressman Gary G. Miller
CD 46    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

LA County Assessor      John Wong

State Senate

SD 20    Kathleen Suzy Evans (Cool lady; She has a future in CA Politics)
SD 26    Nachum Shifren (The Surfing Rabbi!)**
SD 28    John S. Stammreich
SD 30    Warren P. Willis
SD 32     Earl DeVries

State Assembly

AD 36   Steve Knight
AD 37   Jeff Gorrell
AD 38   Assemblyman Cameron M. Smyth
AD 40   Dennis DeYoung (Not the former singer from Styx)
AD 41   Terry Rathbun * (This man has a GREAT future in CA Politics!)
AD 42   Mary Toman-Miller (or write in David Hernandez) **
AD 43   Sunder Ramani
AD 44   Alvaro G. Day
AD 47   Lady Cage Barile
AD 49   Brad Taylor
AD 50   Gladys Miller
AD 53   Nathan Mintz
AD 54   Martha E. Flores-Gibson
AD 55   Christopher Salabaj
AD 56   Henry J. Bestwick
AD 58   Garrett M. May
AD 59   Tim Donnelly
AD 60   Asssembyman Curt Hagman
AD 61   Ray Moors

(Too many to link in this post, so h/t to LAGOP -- find out about the candidates there)
And let's conclude with the full version of:

Arcadia, Election Day

See you at the Voting Booth!
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