Monday, October 18, 2010

Fisking 10/17/10 60 Minutes Edition

If it's Monday (or Sunday), it's time to see if the 60 Minutes team is still playing ball with Democrats. 
And as we get close to Congressional control, it should be time to determine how much CBS and the 60 Minutes staff should be fined for in-kind contributions.  And hey, this fisking can be put on Big Journalism if Dana Loesch agrees. 
The score so far: 7 - 0 articles for the Democrats
Round 4 begins........NOW!
Article 1) The City of David -- Lesley Stahl should be fired for ONLY taking the Palestinian side of the debate.  Heck, Liberals always take the side of terrorists (Code Pink going to help Hamas with help from Senator Boxer? Where is that 60 Minutes story?).  I am disgusted by Lesley Stahl and 60 Minutes not once taking the side of Israel in this debate.  Peace will come to Israel and the Palis when the Pali's put their weapons away and build schools and roads.  If you stop attacking your neighbors, you can actually do business with them.  But Lesley Stahl will never say that. 8 - 0.
Article 2) Homeless Veterans -- Scott Pelley puts this article out to attack Bush's policy of Wilsonianism.  The veterans are being used cover President Obama's failure with the unemployment figures. Did Pelley do any correlation between Obama's policies and the Unemployment figures? NOPE.  Scott Pelley, tool. 9 - 0.
Article 3)  1906 Film of Market Street -- Morley Safer remembers.  Not part of the count. 
The score: 9 - 0 for the Democrats
See you next week!
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