Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 10/31/10 Edition

And the score so far:  9 stories that help the Democrats; 1 that doesn't help either side and 0 stories that err on the side of the Republicans. 

It looks like the producers of 60 Minutes are reading these words, so read the next few words carefully:

We on the Right do not trust you -- find a way to earn that trust and your audience grows.  Full Stop.

Now there are two stories tonight worth counting.  Ready, go!

Story 1 -- Anger in the Heartland --  Scott Pelley does a decent jon asking "What happened in 2007?"  But why does Scott Pelley never ask "What has happened to business' and banks since 2009?"  Ask that question around the country and you might understand Tea partiers (i.e. Fiscal Conservatives) and why President Obama has lost the independents.  This one is only a tie.  2 ties so far -- Scott Pelley does not ask the right questions.

Story 2 -- Taxing the Rich -- Fire Lesley Stahl! She starts the story using David Stockman to attack current Republicans.   And then she spends most of the article hanging out with Bill Gates and his father.

In these Technological cutting edge regions (like Silicon Valley or Boston's Route 128), why doesn't 60 Minutes hire someone who understands the micro- and macro-economics and technological engines? If Seattle (Home of the great Lady of the Manners of Gothic Charm School), has succeeded without a State Income tax,  Both Gates' are Democrats, isn't that pulling the ladder up after they succeeded?  

My opinion: If Washington State voters shuts down the State Income tax referendum, the next Republican Congress should turn Seattle into William Gibson's Chiba City.  (Lesley Stahl will not get this reference -- hire someone who can). 

The score 10 -2 - 0 for the Democrats? 

My question:  Who should replace Lesley Stahl? 
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