Sunday, October 31, 2010

Doctor Who -- Vampires in Venice

Happy Halloween! 

This is Saturday Night/Sunday Morning in October, so of course it's time for the last of the Doctor Who Horror fest!

I spent the night hanging out my friend Lynne, and her very cute dog (You have to see her dog, she is very cute :} )

This week, I will spending Tuesday Night at Henry's Hat at Merlin Froyd's Victory party; For all my Los Angeles candidate friends, I will say prayers and cross fingers. 

On Tuesday, I will track some major Senate races around the country, but I will focus on my hometown of Los Angeles and the state of California. 

Why am I not really celebrating Halloween this year? I'm Gothing it every month, so I feel I celebrate it every month.  

This week's episode is romance, Italy and vampires or Vampires in Venice.  

They filmed the episode in Croatia, but a great story all the same.   

So, get in, cover up in your blanket and watch Vampires in Venice!  

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