Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endorsement Day: Election 2010 The Propositions

And here we go!

For Election 2010 in California, there are 9 Propositions (two Propositions cancel each other out).

Prop 19 - Pot Legalization --  CAGOP and LAGOP both say "No,"  The SFVRC says "No," with a stipulation, written by my mentor Gary "Mr. Republican" Aminoff:

My idealism say vote "YES;" My pragmatism says "NO," 
I'll follow my idealism on this one.

Props 20 and 27 --Re-districting  Prop 20 says citizens can re-district Congress, Prop. 27 brings that process to the State assembly.  The people already voted for the citizens commission in 2008 with Prop. 11; Prop 20 contuinues that course, Prop 27 shuts it down.
My vote:  20  YES  27 NO

Prop 21 -- Tax your car for State parks -- I love parkland, and I love driving.  This car tax was what caused Gov. Grey davis (and a bit of karma too) to get recalled.  Yes, adding $18 seems nice, but does anyone know if the funds will go where it should? 
Think of Social Security. 
My Vote:  21 NO

Prop 22 - State takes City Funds -- If the State has no extra funds, they can take from local communities. 
If california cannot fnd money beecause of there is notr enough taxpayers (business or people), they shouldn't grab the funds from anywhere else.  Make the State Tax friendy to get those funds.  Texas is beating California economically where they don't affect their localities..
My vote:     NO

What is wrong with waiting on a theory until people are working again?
My vote:    23   YES

Prop 24 - Change Business Tax laws to make them Higher - In a place where Unemployment is over 10%, where business are few, go and add taxes.  I don't think so.
My Vote:  24 NO

Prop 25 and 26 - Changing the California State Budget process - 25 allows the California to be passed with a simple majority (It needs a 2/3 to pass) and 26 means the State cannot pass any tax or fees without a 2/3 majority.
My vote:   25  YES  26  YES

My vote is simple, like in 08, when the Democrats won everything and given the Keys to the Kingdom, the public saw how bad they did; Let the majority pass the budget come what may. 

The voters will have the final decision.

That's the props, peeps!

State Offices next! 
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