Monday, December 06, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/28/10 and 12/5/10 Editions

It's baaack! 
The score so far:
12 stories for the Democrats/ 3 Ties/ 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP

Now let's wind the clock back to last week:

November 28, 2010:

Story 1) Anderson Cooper on Afghanistan Police:  Again, Anderson Cooper plays "White man's Burden," with the police of Afghanistan.  Rather then focus on solutions, Cooper zeroes in on problems.  This article gives President Obama an excuse to "Bug out," of Afghanistan, irregardless of history (i.e. Charlie Wilson's War).  Cooper shows an ignorance of history. There is a multitude of tribes, like India, competing for rock.  If America leaves, as American Liberals are wont to do, has anyone asked, what happens to the Afghans? 


Thus a story whose purpose is to help President Obama.  Another point for the Democrats.

Story 2)  Spider-Man -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  How could you do a story about Spider-man without interviewing Stan "the Man" Lee?  Not political, but it proves my theory she is a Star****er.  See this week's episode for more detail.

Story 3) Justice Stevens interviewed by Scott Pelley --  Knocking Bush v Gore? Check.  Attacking Citizens United? Check.  Another point for the Democrats? Check.

Now we move to this weeks (12/5) exciting episode!

1)  Ben Bernanke interviewed by Scott Pelley -- A good, fair interview.  Bernanke said what needed to be said; Pelley played it staight (what every reporter should do).  A pure tie.

2) Facebook -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  This story is not political, but it proves that Stahl is onlycomfortable interviewing rich people, not up and comers, not folks who are coming back, just rich and popular.  There is a term in Hollywood for a woman like Leslie Stahl: Star****er.  I doubt she could do a story about small business' without finding the richest person in a Congressional district.  Heck, we Bloggers are poor and cheap, why not interview Robert McCain, Gonzo Journalist?

The score so far:

14 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 1/1/2 stories that help the GOP.
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And the count will continute next week!
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