Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 12/12/10 Edition

What's the score so far?

And now, Sunday's stories:

Story 1) Soon-to-be Speaker Boehner is interviewed by Leslie Stahl -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  She saw no problems with President Obama's rhetoric and had no understanding of the Tea Party movement.  What kind of reporter does not understand the subject of their piece?  Lesley Stahl, again.  Here's an idea: Don't send any 60 Minutes reporter to interview any Republican without a clear understanding of their positions.  We live in a two party system, so it's not that hard.  Except for Lesley Stahl.  Please, please, please retire Leslie Stahl!  
Next week, I will mention good people to replace her.

For now, another story with a Democratic angle.  Or in the words of the Blogosphere: EPIC FAIL.

Story 2) Brazil Rises by Steve Kroft.  Great story but the tinge of it is about Lula and how a Union guy becomes leader of his country and gets business' to invest in spite of his background.  This story just screams "President Obama, learn from Lula,"

Another point for the D's by the 60 Minutes Produces.

The score:

16 Stories for the Demorats/ 4 Ties / 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP.

See you next week!

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