Saturday, August 08, 2009

Writing through the Pain

After a successful post that affected the Zeitgeist on the Blogosphere, I pulled away.


The "Plague Year" medical health issues came to the fore, and (thank you State Run Government health Care/sarc off), I had to step back from writing. Can I say I was not happy with it? The simple things needed to keep the disease away failed because of State Run Government health care. In short, everything that is being proposed by the Democrats and the Left I am living through.

Advice to the Left: Government Run health care does not work. I will tell the full story to anyone who has a, or Republican organization in their email address.

The issue is still unresolved, but as the title says, even with the pain, I must write.

What's can you expect with the valley through the end of Summer?

1) The Encyclicals are pushed towards the fall. Most people who need to read them are on vacation, plus it's the summer.

2) Octobia asked three good questions. Two will be answered within the Andrew Sullivan's America post. The third will have a post of it's own. Her Blog is nice (visit it and compliment it), but her views when it comes to American opponents are wrong.

3) Some silly posts. As I said, it's summer. By the way, if you look at the History of the valley, I have a lousy summer Blog posting record anyway.

4) Next week I'm headed to San Diego, let's see if any adventures come forth.

Sorry if I left, it was not by choice. But I will try to keep it going till my favorite season, the fall.

For now, a video:

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  1. Government run health care is a disaster waiting to happen. I support universal coverage, but there are smart ways to do it and poor/stupid ways to do it. What it sounds like is being proposed is clearly insane. I am glad you are posting again my friend, I missed reading your posts...


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