Friday, July 10, 2009

Gumbo, Melange, Southern Hospitality and Thank Yous

First, I want to thank everyone who visited the Valley over the past two days. Over a thousand hits and many people who explored and wandered around. Please come back again.

That post, I consider my "The Lights are going out in Europe," speech. The Left and the media drew blood against a family of a sitting Governor whose only sin was to campaign against President Obama. She's a martyr, but the mourning is done, action will be coming forth.

The Republican Encyclicals start again this week. Very timely issue: How to deal with the press. Keep reading.

Now, some personal thank you's:

My friend Madison in Burbank and another friend in Tarzana helped me move from sadness to anger to writing. Thank you.

The post was linked by Dan Riehl of Riehl World View, Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain and the Valley was Blog of the Day on William Jacobson's site, Legal Insurrection. Gentlemen, thank you.

Interesting thing on The Other McCain's link to the post, you have Liberals arguing for an American Aristocracy. Way to go! You did what I thought you would do.

Next, my Sister is working on a show in Atlanta, Georgia. This week, she met and worked with an American legend, Liza Minnelli. Woo hoo! My sister said she was a class act, but I think that my sister is a class act. She is hip and cool, and rightfully so. My Mom is visiting her this weekend, so any readers of the Valley down Atlanta way, please give both these wonderful people your usual southern hospitality. Both are great people.

Now for the new readers who wandered over to the Plague year; Yes, I have the disease, but it a part of me, but it does not run my day. I am a Jew, Political activist, Conservative Republican, New York Yankee fan, Washington Redskins fan, Doctor Who fan, Goth and bibliophile before I even think about it.

The anger post plague year came not from the disease but from the hypocrisy shown to me.

And the lack of Magnanimity shown since 1/20/09 by either the media or the Left.

This weekend, I am hanging out with Becky. Blogging will be sparse till Monday night. If you want to be at the first (unofficial) meet up of the Valley, I will be at Malediction Sunday night listening to the dark stylings of DJ Amanda Jones. Find me on the patio.

Until the next post, thank you all! (especially the reader from Morgan Stanley in NYC).

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  1. Anonymous3:55 PM PDT

    Man, I was with you right up to "Redskins fan". But, then again, a masochistic streak may denote a humble and generous nature,

    I like the blog and will return often.


  2. You know the problem is that the world is full of people who say one thing and do another. I have recently had similar problems and I am going to be having a war with them now.


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