Friday, July 03, 2009

Palinaphobia -- My Messages to the Left and the Right

First, the lady of the hour (and of 2008 and 2009), Governor Sarah Palin (Transcript here):

And now, my message to the partisans on both sides. First, my "friends," on the Left:

You wonder your little heads why we're angrier then usual? First, you make Emmanuel Goldsteins of us, then you look slyly when Andrew Sullivan personally attacks the family of a Republican politician. I've said here what you folks need to do to calm my anger.

I see, now, that you just don't give a damn about Americans whose belief differs from yours. Well, by making Governor Palin a martyr (oh yes she is, you cannot walk back that cat.), any line of civility in my heart is gone.

Lawsuits upon lawsuits? Just like you did to Newt, Delay and Palin? Karma answers back and I have no pity if a Democratic Vice Presidents daughter is found with drugs, I might promote it every damn day. Don't like it? Don't start it.

Final warning. Clean up your act. By destroying Palin, a non Ivy Governor of a state, you have proven to be the party of "elite," My curse upon you: May every Democratic President (including Obama) and Governors families be treated the way Governor Palin's was. I will not excuse the attacks on any Democrat official or partisan anymore.

For the Right:

This is war. Governor Palin has been attacked only because she stood up against Obama. It is time to take the sadness and civility from our hearts and replace it with fury and action. Churchill always wrote, ACTION THIS DAY memos. Here is mine:

1) First, I want Andrew Sullivan's head. Either cut off in the states or sent with his body attached back to England. He must pay for breaking the oldest rule in politics: Attacking a politicians family. Even Speaker Tip O'Neill wrote how wrong it is. People like him never learn.

2) Find out everything about Todd Purdum. Post his home and cell info on the major blogs. He is a supplicant for Obama, I'm sure some Hillary supporters can help us here.

3) The News media is our Dardanelles. We start fighting a two front war. More discussion next week in the Encyclicals.

4) Every frivolous lawsuit set against a Republican leader means we do TWENTY against their leaders. We suffer? So do they.

5) President Obama cannot Govern. Show examples to people every day. Unemployment is high and getting higher. There are no Republicans to oppose Obama and the Speaker. We remind people of this every day until November 2010 and 2012.

G-d Bless you Governor Palin! You have my blessings in whatever you do (I will join your Presidential campaign in an instant because you always punched back against your attackers. We need more of that in the GOP).

The Second Civil War has begun and Governor Palin is our Fort Sumpter. Time to shoot back.

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  1. Good rant, needed, overdue, keep it up, look around and you'll see millions with the same anger boiling up in them....
    We are angry because the libs are trying to destroy the best society/nation on this planet.
    And I'm sure my friend you have also wondered...what will these idiotsavants do if they destroy America....
    They are too dumb to grow a garden to live, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun and they

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM PDT

    Did you just make a death threat against a journalist? Wow sounds just like someone issuing a fatwah.

    No one held a gun to Sarah Palin's head and told her to quit.

    Apparently, it got too hard for Ms. Palin, so she's quitting mid-game -- how unprofessional!

  3. Good post JSF! Watching this nonsense play out over and over again via the mainstream media has gotten ridiculous. Think Gov. Palin said it best, it costs nothing to levy accusations but proving them false and making them go away can break anyone.

    I personally wish her all the best in whichever direction she should chose, be it more politics, fading into the Alaskan sunset, perhaps a cushy desk on the set of Fox News. Though I SERIOUSLY doubt we have heard close to the last from her in politics.


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