Thursday, July 02, 2009


Life is never perfect, but sometimes in life, the perfect things happen.

I've just gotten over the Plague Year, and recently I'm still handling problems based on it (no, those problems will not reach the Valley, I am saving them for the Political and Policy realms. Some stuff is too good to argue here).

My sister is working hard down south on a show. I'm happy she is doing well. My Mom is succeeding in her life, always a good thing. And now, even with the extenuating problems from the plague year, I met a nice girl named Becky who makes me happy.

She's a Goth, just like me. She's an artist (musician and filmmaker) and she said the magic words to a young single guy: we are not exclusive (however, if she wants exclusivity, I am there too). Becky is the right person for me right now after the Plague year, she makes me happy and I return the favor. Sometimes, it's the simple things that work. As I plan to move to DC, she is looking towards Washington State. Different goals, but enjoying the moment in Los Angeles.

As we get close to the July 4th holiday, I have one more political post (then the holiday post). The Encyclicals (being read on both coasts by major Politicos) will start again after the Fourth. Part two begins.

Life has bumps in the road, ride them through and you get Bliss.

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  1. I am so happy to see you happy and to hear it in your voice. It is about time that you have found these things in life. I am doing really well myself, I have wanted to see you in this moment for so long!


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