Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is President Obama's Plan for Afghanistan?

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention.

Here is the transcript. And here is the video:

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It seems President Obama has planned to increase the troops into Afghanistan. But what is his long term goal?

When he was Senator Obama, he opposed nation and Democracy building overseas. So did all the Liberals and Democrats. Following that logic, the increase in troops is not to build a stable, democratic nation into Central Asia.

Is he using the troops to prop up Karzai and stop elections there? As President, President Obama has not supported any Democracy movement overseas. For instance, look at how Obama treated the Iranian protesters.

If he is fighting the Taliban and Al-Queda, what are his benchmarks? And has President Obama read Peter Hopkirk's Great Game series? Does President Obama know the history of the Khyber pass?

And finally, since President Obama is increasing the troops in Afghanistan with no endgame in mind, where are the anti-war protesters?

What do you think President Obama's endgame is for Afganistan?

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  1. What worries me is that there is no plan for Afghanistan. I am afraid that it will be like when they invaded Iraq, there was no good plan at the time, and this was true for the initial invasion of Afghanistan. I'd like to think there is an endgame here, but I just don't know


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