Monday, August 17, 2009

Anderson Cooper, Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow: Scooby snacks and Clues: Part two

This is Part One.

Now these Town hall Protests, there were other factors other not wanting Government Run health care. I mean it takes a real reporter to understand it. Take Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy McCain -- they are reporting that the Alaska Bloggers who harassed with false ethics charges against Governor Palin might have been funded by the White House. Where is the CNN and MSNBC investigations? Shouldn't Washington Monthly say "No," to these Nixonian tactics.

Nope. Crickets instead. Even though is putting together an enemies list (just like Nixon!), it's fine because of the D next to President Obama's name.

When I heard the Left up in arms about Rush Limbaugh equating the Left to the National Socialists of Germany, it seems those same people forgot that they opened the door with "BusHitler," and many of these signs. But because, like my friend Doug, the Left think their cause is just and we Conservatives and Republicans are barbarians. Instead of taking the view of this Right wing nut, Speaker Tip O'Neill, that we are Americans whose opinions differ and we have to convince the other side, they call their opposition "Evil or Stupid," And Ann Coulter brought up that fact.

The Right will not un-remember how Bush (and Palin) were treated by the Left. They were made into Emmanuel Goldsteins. History did not begin on 1/20/09 or 1/20/00. But we have had enough.

Also, for the past 8 years, we have been told (in defence of Code Pink), that "Dissent is patriotic," Now, the leaders of Government (and their friends in the media,Mr. Benan, Mr. Cooper and Ms. Maddow) are calling opposition by ad homs (and calling us "Nazi's" -- I'm a Jew, I'm offended)

And for Government Run health care itself? Look at how well Cash for Clunkers is working. The car dealers cannot get any money from the Government for them The Government offered monies till September and it ran out in two weeks.

If President Obama and his "Best and Brightest," cannot run this, why should we trust them with our health?

And here in California, with the budget under strain, people under Government run health care are losing out because of the mismanagement of the State. I am one of those people. And you want it national?

Because Palin was martyred, her voice was heard when she brought up the Death panels. Agree or disagree, she would not have been part of the debate had she (and her family) been left unmolested in Alaska in early 2009.

But Steve Benen and his commenter's Hate other voices. They disallow any other voices other then the Left at the Washington Monthly Blog. Benan does not interview Republicans and Conservatives and ask for their input. Then they act confused why we act the way they do.

Rachel Maddow follows Steve Benan's lead, so she shows no originality about excluding one party from the debate.

And Anderson Cooper? He has no understanding of the two party system. No Conservative or Republican should go on his show. However, if he gives a speech on CSPAN at the National Press Club talking about the benefits of the Two Party system in America and understanding our philosophy and our differences within the party.

Liberals opened the door on how to dissent. When the shoe is on the other foot,
how you treat our people will determine whether America goes to civil war. Hint: read Tip and respect Americans whose opinions differ and we will debate you. And can the Emmanuel Goldstein act, we are all Americans.

If they cannot do that, I suggest Rush compare Liberals and Democrats to INGSOC.

But Benen, Cooper and Maddow don't care about the two party System. No more Scooby Snacks for them until they do.

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