Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peace, Personified in DC

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Because so many organizations watch and listen to Conservative Talk radio, I make it a point to hear Liberal (Hate) Talk radio. After I listen, I report. Not unlike Media Matters. Hey, Liberals, you don't want me writing on your guys. Here is the deal: Stop calling our guys and gals: Racists, Fascists, Uncle Toms, and Nazi's and I'll focus on Policy issues.

Anyway, today, I heard on Pacifica radio, an interview with Representative Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) discussing the creation of a "United States Department of Peace" After the discussion, I had to pull over and laugh for a few minutes. Why?

Already in Washington, DC, there is the United States Institute for Peace. The USIP is working on pragmatic ways, between Governments, between warring factions, working with the US Military, to get to a Peaceful solution.

There is "Soft Power" as personified by Trade, Culture the State Department and the USIP; Then there is "Hard Power" as shown by the force of our Military, Economic and Executive power decisions. According to the NIE, the Hard Power used against Iraq, caused Iran to shut down it's Nuclear Program in 2003.

The best definition of "Soft Power"? Four words: Peace for Our Time. Should I repeat the History lesson from those words?

I admit I need some Enlightenment here. But please explain why there is a so-called need for a US Department of Peace when the Collective Security of the United Nations has not stopped any wars or massacres? Will the US Department of Peace have the authority to go into a massacre in a war torn country and get people to stop?

And here is the $1,000,000 question that has yet to be answered: How?

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  1. Where's the Code Pink connection to the Department of Peace etc? I bet they are pulling the strings...


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