Sunday, March 09, 2008

Poli Sci-fi Meme 2008

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It's been too serious in the Valley. Let's have some fun.

The Meme starts here. I'm choosing Aurora, Jason, Malcot, Chessnovice, Donald Douglas and Allyn Gibson. Please answer on your Blog. Choose five to pass this Meme forward. Ready, steady, go!

1) President George W. Bush or President William Clinton? You must answer 1a and 1b.
George W. Bush

1a) Give 3 issues why you support your guy:
A) Wilsonianism in the Middle East
B) Increased Congressional majorities throughout two Elections.
C) Supporter of Israel against External enemies.

1b) Now name 3 things good about the other guy.
A) Free Trader who passed and supported NAFTA.
B) Helped begin the "Republican Dozen" years in 1994.
C) Recognized, on December 16, 1998, the danger of Saddam Hussein.

2) Favorite Sci-fi movie?
12 Monkeys

3) Favorite Sci-fi TV show?
Doctor Who

4) Favorite Alternate History story (movie, TV or book)?
Richard III (1995)

5) Best American Legislator? (if overseas, your local Legislators)
Rep. John Boehner

6) Best Foreign Legislator? (if overseas, this is where you can choose American legislators)
I choose two: Bibi Netanyahu and David Cameron.

7) Favorite Sci-fi scene? (Youtube it if you can)

8) Pitch a cross-over between two sci-fi shows/movies/etc.:
Doctor Who lands on The Death Star and has an adventure there.

9) Who will win the Democratic Presidential Primary? Why?
Senator Obama. He has the general votes. The Super-delegates will be lose locally if they oppose the general votes.

10) Will Gordon Brown call an election before 2010?

11) Favorite Steampunk, Cyberpunk or Post-Cyberpunk novel, comic, book or movie?
Strange Days

12) Best Pizza place? Please provide the link.
AJ's Pizza in Forest Hills.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:34 PM PDT

    JSF, you've stolen my thunder. Tears in the rain is my all-time favorite scene and Blade Runner is my favorite movie.
    And I'm right there with you on Bibi Netanyahu. He is one of my global heroes, along with Vaclav Klaus in the Czech Republic and John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia. Unfortunately though, there are far fewer leaders to admire than there once were (which makes the good ones all the more amazing).


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