Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Game Plan for 2008

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In my Non-fiction book, I finished my Blogging chapter. If I've linked to your Blog, and you've linked back to me, odds are there are some good words written. Other Blogs, (and if you're a loyal visitor to the Valley, you know who these are) suffice it to say that they are held up as Examples. Want more info? Hit me up in the comments or by E-mail.

By the way, the next Chapter in Non-fiction is about Hollywood. From the Below the Line people, to the Studios, to the Agents. They are being discussed with a Political Bent. I'm halfway through. Only three more Chapters in Part II.

On to more supercilious stuff:

Here is what the rest of the year looks like:

Before Memorial Day: Raise Funds for Apartment and/or Car.

Memorial Day Weekend: Sister's wedding (woo-hoo!)

Summer: Car, then Apartment or Apartment, then Car.

First week in September: Republican National Convention. I'm looking for a Corporate Sponsor. If I can't find one, I will not go. Or if I get invited there by the Republican National Convention, California Republican Party, the McCain Campaign or the Republican National Committee, I'll go.

September 20-21: Blog World Expo. Need I say more?

Mid to late October: Week in Washington, DC. Catch up with friends, Countrymen, and Mentors. Show book around and get advice. Also do the tourist bit on my down time. Nothing is better then sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Monument and watching the world go by.

November 2 and 3: Election Night in San Diego. Why? Because Los Angeles Republicans can't even win a City Council seat; How the hell can they throw a Victory party?

December 16: Birthday.

Let me know if you're interested in meeting me at any of these events (save for the Memorial Day and moves, those are Private). Oh, and sometime before my Birthday, I will finish and go through the first Edit of the Non-fiction book.

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  1. JSF, you've got to be one of the most organized people I know. You've got your whole year planned? I'm seriously impressed. I've got loose goals but when it comes down to specifics, I couldn't tell you what I'm doing this weekend. Well, apart from a friend's wedding that is. :)


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