Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An encounter with BDS

What is BDS? It is known as Bush Derangement Syndrome [coined by Charles Krauthammer]. Now, to give my background, I did not like President Clinton, I didn't like his wife either during the '90's. However, I shook his hand once and was very civil. Whenever the Presidential Motorcade drove by, I still saluted.

How many Democrats would do the same for President Bush?

The reason I bring this story up is because of an encounter with an acquaintance (who will go by the name of D--) at Canter's two weeks ago.

Sat. 2:00AM, My friends are talking this and that and the subject of California's Governor race comes up. Eventually D-- gets to the Presidential level and says
"You still support him? Why? He hasn't done anything good for the country!"

I give my reasons why (supporting Israel, helping the GOP Caucus, and fighting the terrorists in Iraq rather then in Los Angeles) and he disregards those issues as unimportant. They are MY issues. Important to me, yet unimportant in his eyes.

BDS coarseness the political debate. After all the abuse any activist (or non-activist who votes for President Bush) gets from the Kossites and James Wolcott, why should they push the lever for a Democrat?

Politics is made of people. For all their flaws, I have found very few who think only of themselves. At the Federal level, if you think only of yourself, no one will support you (unless you live in the House of Clinton). Bush has made mistakes. He isn't perfect, but then neither was Clinton. There is a film in Toronto about a "assassination" of Bush. Would it be fair to do a film assassinating Hillary?

This is a level of discourse that must stop by 2008. If not, there might be a second Civil War. Guess which side has all the guns? So, please all you BDSers, please calm down.

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  1. I understand your point. But even though we should have respect for our President, we can have an opinion about the things he does with "our" country. And there are a lot of people who have a very negative "opinion" of Mr. Bush.


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