Monday, June 08, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Assembly District Committees -- Our Backbone

Karv and Todd,

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Now that we're all established into our summer rhythms (New Interns, silly stories from the media), it's time to get back to the Encyclicals. This round, we discuss the most important people in the party and how to make their job easier.

No, not just our elected officials; No, not just our ex-officios or our communicators, but the members of our Assembly District and County Committees. They do the thankless jobs of getting their friends and neighbors out to vote every Election Day.

Where can you find Assembly District Committees [ADC]? In Ocean Township, in Sarasota, in High Bridge, in Burbank, in Sherman Oaks, in Brooklyn, and everywhere in the Country. The ADC's have a lot of members in a high population area (i.e Brooklyn) or in a small populated state (i.e. Montana), but the ADC's are the main engine of our Organization.

Let's focus on what ADC's do now:

1) Lead Precinct Captains within the District (This will be a later Encyclical within this cycle).
2) Liaise with College Republicans, Young Republicans and High School Republicans
3) Liaise with all groups from the different parts of the Party within the District.
4) Give Voting data to the County party.

Here is what else they should do:

I) The Local and State Media -- One member of the ADC should always have their numbers on file.

II) Issues for each Town -- One or two members work on Policy issues just like a Congressional office? Why? For our elected officials (and those running), if the ADC supplies the Policy information, candidates and elected officials can judge the ground better.

III) Speeches to Republican groups, Non-partisan groups, and School classes -- Show our neighbors that Our Cause does help people. The media shouldn't tell our story, we should.

IV) Sponsor events around the District -- Promote Flea markets by neighbors, help with Street fairs, Help and be involved in local parades, Help the Towns with Holidays, etc. The people won't go to us, so let's break out of our realm of politicking and go to them. Our help will be remembered.

V) Help the County party with the Reagan-Lincoln Dinners in the Winters and President George W. Bush-July 4th Dinners in the Summer -- This will also be another Encyclical in this cycle.

VI) Contacts within the State party, State officials, Town and County Government -- This will help the Precinct Captains, again, keep reading.

VII) Patronage to the Employers in the District -- We get people to their dreams, working in something they love, we have their vote and loyalty tenfold. For instance, every ADC in Los Angeles should have people in all the studios and TV Networks. And the more people inside an industry in the district (and spread our people around), the easier our policy people(II) in the ADC can help our candidates.

How many members within an ADC? Base it on population, density and employers in the District.

Also, every few weeks, the ADC should hold meet and greets. Whatever works in their area, rooftop Barbeque's for city folk and beach parties for coastal Districts, whatever works. The more people know us, the less the press can mythologize us.

And very, very, very important: From the ADC's (and Precinct captains), our next leaders in the next generation should rise. Thus, our leaders will already have the 3x3 Rule in effect.

And the County parties? Next Encyclical.


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