Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 6/10 Discussion of the Republican Encyclicals

Last time, I forgot to turn on the comments. So here, are two issues to be discussed:

I) Who speaks (or does not) for the GOP and Conservatives?
II) Building from the Ground up.

First Cycle:

Who Speaks for us and why?

The President Bush Rule;

The 3x3 Rule;

Who does not speak for us?

Meghan McCain and Andrew Sullivan

Second Cycle:

The Assembly District Committees [ADC's]

The County Parties

The Precinct Captains

Two Fundraising Dinners: Reagan-Lincoln and President George W. Bush-July 4th

Tying all the groups together.

Discuss -- where am I right? Where am I wrong?

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  1. I have studied the martial arts for many years. In my studies I have found that almost uniformly in the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Okinawan traditions the concept that an interrelationship exists between the active and passive principles as examplified by the by the Chinese Taoist principle of the Yin and Yang, its Korean variant Um and Yang or it Japanese incarnation of Inyodo.

    This concept has a practical application within the political realm. I believe that the cyclical nature of politics lends credence to such an application.
    Indeed if an individual examines the history of the shifts in power within the Congress, and the Presidency a clear cyclical pattern emerges.

    In light of the constant shifts within politics. I would argue that a successful and durable political strategy, is a strategy employed by a party that recognizes the importance of these cycles, and utilizes their time in the minority to reconsolidate and marshal their forces anew, while acquiring the assets necessary to successfully transition from one cycle to another.

    Some may interpret this as advocating a complete state of passivity while, being in the minority. This view is inaccurate because, neither principle can effectively govern without the presence of the other.

    As such I would contend that the minority party should focus the majority of its activities on retrenchment, consolidation and acquisition of new assets. At this point it seems prudent in my opinion to choose battles with the majority selectively, being careful to avoid a wholesale disengagement and retreat from the press outlets controlled by the majority party, while, embracing only those outlets sympathetic to the positions adopted by the minority. Such an exclusive strategy could nullify efforts to expand the base to draw in more moderates and independent minded people like Senators Barrasso Chambliss, Collins, Hagan, Shelby, and Snowe,


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