Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Republican Encyclicals: Precinct Captains -- The Heart of our Operation

Karv and Todd,

There was a reason we Republicans and Conservatives laughed at the concept of "Community Organizer," in 2008. It is because we know that the strongest towns and cities are tied together by individuals, who are acting out of self-preservation make their communities better.

Everywhere you find a Community Organizer, it is a part of a city that has no cohesiveness, where lives are cheap and business is scarce, like Cabrini-Green in Chicago. Eventually we Conservatives and Republicans will breach the Urban areas, but that is a future Encyclical Cycle. Instead, we focus on the people who get the neighborhoods and the ADC's working together: The Precinct Captains [PC].

The basic job of the PC is to knock door to door and judge the ground for our candidates and bring out the voters on Election Day. That's it. In my eyes, it is not enough.

What do I see our PC's doing?

Well, for starters, in every precinct there should be 2 PC's. Why two? When I was a Democrat, it always took two PC's to work an area. In Long Island, the old Republican machine did it too. The concept of "two heads are better then one," works at this level -- if one PC is a white collar guy, the other should be Blue collar; if one is older with a family, the other younger, etc. et. al. It increases the reach of our PC's (who in turn, work for the ADC's).

The PC's other job is to build a volunteer network throughout the precinct. When there is a campaign for an issue or a candidate, the volunteers get activated and knock on doors, speak to their neighbors and know when their neighbors are panning something and get others to join in (i.e. yard sales, block party).

And when the ADC's and County party holds events, it is the PC and volunteers to sell tickets to their neighbors.

The PC's are the heart of our organization because a PC will pluck a volunteer, who in turn, becomes a PC (and the original PC works on an ADC), who goes to the ADC and, after each election, each challenge, each block of the majority that is being built, the person can also be offered (by the ADC) to run in their district. The proof will be what they do to help us win. Creativity, loyalty and discipline are all that we ask for.

When the PC's are not working on an election, the ADC should keep them active to help out with the Policy people in the ADC, also to generate interest in local issues (the side the ADC and County wants), and finally, sell fundraising tickets for candidates and the County and ADC.

Also, the PC's must be available if their neighbors are having trouble with any level of Government. They listen to the ideas and allow the ADC (or Counties) to take care of their constituents.

Finally, the PC's must target the biggest donors and the richest people in their area. What happens next? That is discussed in the last Encyclical in this cycle. Keep reading.

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