Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Going Nowhere Fast: Government Motors and Chrysler

Since President Obama has been running the country, 2 of the three Domestic car companies are struggling or dying.

Let's start with General (now Government) Motors:

My last car was a 2001 Chevrolet Metro and it struggled getting from here to there. It always needed a fix, either tires, belts, or something. Now, when GM declared bankruptcy June 1, 1,100 GM dealerships were already scheduled to close, does it help the dealers in any way?

And President Obama has a 31 year old, Brian Deese (who no experience selling cars or building them) leading the direction for GM's solvency (even through he never ran a company either).

And for Chrysler:

Over at Chrysler, they are closing 789 dealerships. Justice Ginsberg of the Supreme Court put a hold on Fiat's buying Chrysler to enter the American market. This is not a good situation for a company that has been around since 1925.

Here are my questions, if you in the auto industry, even better.

1) When a dealership closes, how many jobs (and other things) are affected by it's closure?

2) There are ancillary business' related to GM and Chrysler, what are they and how many people do they employ? Are they affected by both failures? And do the affect of job losses spread to every state?

3) If you work in the Car Industry, do you have any faith in Brian Deese? What new cars will arise from the ashes and would you buy, sell or build them?

4) What would be the car you think Americans want to buy? Will anyone step and create that new company?

Thanks for all who answer.

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