Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kryptonite to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh

Now, you ask, why would a writer/activist of the Right give away how to make Rush Limbaugh lose listeners and Ann Coulter to lose readers?

Because I know, even with this advice, the Media and the Left will not take it. They will ignore it, and think they know best, continue to....well let's show what happens.

I read comics, and the only thing that stops Superman (in all Media), is Green Kryptonite. And even though it will be written here, again, the media and the left will not take the advice.

Now for the Right's Superman and Wonder Woman, Rush and Ann Coulter.

How would Rush lose his audience?

Only one group can stop him: The media. I'm talking to you Frank Rich, Evan Thomas, Jon Meachem, Anderson Cooper, Thom Hartmann, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, CJR, and every person who writes for a failing or soon to fail newspaper or Cable news show.

It's the same reason why Fox News beats all the other Cable News every month.

Politics is a two part equation: Republicans vs. Democrats. Occasionally, an Independent might break through, but only one at a time. Because the media only expresses support for one half the equation (the Democrats), and only reports on one half of the equation (Again, the Democrats), the Republicans ALSO run presidential candidates, then the press do a disservice for anyone interested in Politics and Policy.

In fact, the last election, Senator John McCain only lost by 7.2%. Last I checked, that's not a landslide.

Political people are the most well-read, most knowledgable about Current events then most of the general public. If News Anchors, Publishers, Producers, and Reporters appeals to the Conservatives and Republicans in the audience, and reports fairly, then Rush Limbaugh will lose some audience share.

If you don't think Conservatives and Republicans don't notice the bias, why was the Media Research Center founded in 1987?

How would Ann Coulter lose her audience?

Simple, the Democratic Party and their partisans must not attack Conservatives or Republicans personally or make them Emmanuel Goldstein's. Instead, horror among horrors, attack candidates and partisans on the issues, and she goes away.

As long as the Left shield's Andrew Sullivan's attack on Governor Palin's family, Ann Coulter should speak as loud as she wants.

As someone who enjoys listening to Rush and reading Ann Coulter, I enjoy the fact the Left and the media will not take this advice.

Keep talking Rush and keep writing Ann!

My question: Will the left and the media take the advice? Why or why not?

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  1. The left won't take your advice, but even if they do, Rush and Ann are so far above them on their grasp of the issues and their ability to articulate them in an entertaining way that they are safe from such a drastic measure.

  2. They will not take the advice. They have, I believe, started their self-destruct sequence. Their news coverage appeals more and more to people who want to be lied to - MSNBC is becoming the prototypical news coverage style we can expect in the future - going beyond bias, to outright propagandizing by having a vested interest in distortion. Be it a GE/NBC self interest to promote news that is outright covering for the preferred party, a journalistic-liberal-fundamentalism that is coagulating in front of our eyes, or a self-interest by reporters to be brought into the party fold via the favors system. Is that sounding paranoid or just a sad commentary?


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