Wednesday, August 09, 2006

4 %

I'm stunned. I'm speechless. The Democratic party I grew up with is dead. When I was growing up, the Dem's were pro-Israeli, it had a diverse party (i.e. the "Boston-Austin Connection")[Ed note: This will be discussed later in the Blog], and the men who ran the party had little time for Bullshit.

I grew up a Democrat in New York City, most people born there start as one. Once the last generation of Democrats left public life (Edward Koch, Dan Rostonkowski, John Glenn and, of course, Thomas "Tip" O'Neill), smaller feet walked behind the giants.

Even though I switched in 1992, I still thought of the Dems as a party of adults. Since the Clinton ascendancy, (actually with the death of Lloyd Bentsen) the adults have left the room. Now the Kos kids primaried Senator Joseph Lieberman, the only Jewish Dem up for re-election. The kids are running the show. However, he only lost by 4%. It is his right to run if he so chooses. The hate by the Kos kids are transparent even today.

Until the Dems control their special interests who dictate the party and lessen the Anti-semitism seen in the Huffington Post, Firedoglake, and The Daily Kos, they deserve to remain in the minority. Nor should they win the Presidency in 2008.


  1. Will the real democrats please stand up? This is why I vote Libertarian...what's the difference between a democrat and republican anymore? They're basically merging into one idiotic view point. Moronistan here we come!

  2. It is possible that the 2006 midterm elections will result in a situation similar to the one that existed during the 82nd Congress from (1951-1953). During this time President was a Democrat Harry Truman from Missouri who lost a great deal of credibility on the Hill because of the Korean Conflict.

    The make up of the 82nd Congress (1951-1953) was as follows:
    The Democrats held 49 seats and the
    Republicans held 47 seats with no vacant seats

    In spite of the fact that the Democrats held this advantage. Truman was aunable to pass many pieces of legislation due to the fault lines within his own party, and the Congress became known as a "do nothing Congress>"

    I believe it is possible that a similar situation could occur President Bush and Senate Republicans resulting in a do nothing Congress for the 110th Congess.

  3. If a do nothing Congress results from these elections. There will be a shift either in executive or legislative branches either in 2008 or 2010 because, as elections showed in 1952 such a one party rule will not be tolerated.

  4. JSF

    You might find the New York Times 2006 Election Guide interesting reading


  5. Anonymous8:52 PM PDT

    Never forget that without one particular Democrat - "Give 'Em Hell Harry" Truman - there wouldn't BE any Israel. And where do you get the chutzpah to say that DailyKos is anti-semitic? Questioning Israeli policy is no more anti-semitic than questioning American policy is anti-American.

  6. Well Yossarian, I can see you haven't read any other post from here. If you think that Kos is not Anti-semetic, read this post:

    And yes, while the Dems used to be the party of Truman, JFK, FDR, etc., how many of the Democrats (netroots or inner party) have stood up and said Israel has a right to defend itself? Lieberman was the first casulty of these "New" Democrats.


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