Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Return of the Blogger!

Last week was slightly busy and slight dramatic (partially my fault on the latter), but like Nixon, I am tanned, rested and ready to return to the Blogosphere.

Nixon, tanned, rested and ready, on the campaign trail, 1968
Here are a few things to look forward to this week:

A) Super Tuesday and beyond -- what's next for the GOP POTUS candidates?

B) Rules Political Activists should live by

C) Social (and regular) Libertarianism does not need Ron Paul

D) Why the RNC should invest in Los Angeles and the CRP (and RPLAC/CRP should invest in Bloggers)

E) More bad tales about the 501c3 KPFK

F) ????????????????

And since I've been away unexpectedly (but I did get to see Vicktor and Bettie from Vegas -- Cool Goths and loyal readers of the Valley), here is a movie to enjoy.

This is Metropolis.  You've heard about it, you've read this histories, now enjoy.  See you tomorrow!

First a song:

The Church, Metropolis

And now, Metropolis! 

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