Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rules for Political Activists and Firebrands

First off, let me say, yes Rush Limbaugh went too far and I'm glad he apologized.

Now, if you please, denounce this too:

However, Ms. Fluke is a Political Activist, trained for a non-binding House Committee hearing hosted by Speaker Pelosi; Rush Limbaugh is the Rights Political Firebrand and until Mike Malloy gets off the radio, the Left is not short of them either.

Each person has a role on the Political stage -- only closed minded people would deny either a place in it.  (Again, have you ever heard Mike Malloy's Hate Speech? -- If he can wish for the Right to die, should I return the favor?)

Since I have been busy writing something for RPLAC and CRP, my time has been taken away from the Valley -- now that I have returned, here are the rules for both, the Political Activists and Political Firebrands.

Thank me later.

Rules for Political Activists

Lenin -- Political Activist

Speaker Gingrich -- political Activist made good

1) If you go up on Capitol Hill and testify about sex -- don't get butthurt when people attack on that score.  I have yet see anyone of the Left decry the above video.  So, yeah, that story is in play.  If I could have counseled Rush, I would have said attackMs. Fluke for being an activist.  

If I testify about building a Death Star (for you Star wars geeks), I expect Star Trek fans to attack me for not using the Borg Cube. And don't lie about your age on the Hill -- you will be found out. 

2) Accept you are an Activist and act accordingly.  Sometimes that means accepting apologies, unless you are politicising that too.  Trust me, fire comes from both sides.  In an Election year, both Democrats and Republicans are like Napoleonic Ships firing at each other at close range.   

3)  Keep your own shoes clean.  I have a Code of Honor, if there is any questions, I refer to it.  Ms. Fluke only operated by one code: Advance the Democrats.  However, it backfired.  

4)  Know your role.  When you advance a cause, you are a symbol.  Act accordingly.

5)  Study the Policy you are promoting.  Nothing is worse then hearing a Hollywood actor make a mistake about policy.  If I testify about the Death Star, I better know all about it -- inside and out.  

And now,

Rules for Political Firebrands

1) Dance on the line of good taste, but don't cross it.  

2) Always make sure the Political people have your back.

3) Never wish anyone death or harm -- whether you are an R or D. Karma comes back and bites you back.  

4) Have Principles to fight for.  I stand for Commerce, Democracy and Rock and Roll.  If you are a firebrand, stand for a belief. (Heck, that goes any Politico person at all levels.) 

5) Be entertaining!

My question: What rules fit for either group?

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  1. You have a good point.

    What he said was whether a comedian or not is in bad taste. However, he was talking about Sarah Palin who is a politician, so she should put up with anyone criticizing her words.


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