Sunday, March 04, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Six String Samurai!

We are in the midst of Primaries, once they are closer to California (June 5 -- news about this ballot later on), we'll go back to Doctor Who nights.

First off, thanks to Ed Driscoll who linked me twice this week.

Remember, we on the Right should not focus on Social Issues! Stick with the Don Surber Rule!

Some posts to look forward too:

Sunday Night) The past three Primary and Caucus analysis.

Monday) Who are the True Libertarians fighting in the GOP? Hint: Not Ron Paul supporters

Tuesday, I will be busy in the San Fernando Valley.

Wednesday) Super Tuesday Analysis and 2012's who flunked flank?

Thursday and Friday -- Let's see what the week brings.

Now, here is Six String Samurai, a movie that introduced me to the group, Red Elvises (now Igor and the Red Elvises). They are a local Venice Beach band with a Russian twang.  Cool stuff.

Imagine the Apocalypse with a rock and roll beat and only Buddy Holly can save the world from Slash.  Yes, weird and surreal, but enjoyable.

And now,  enjoy Six String Samurai!

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