Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Support the Zombie Apocalypse! Stop it with Voter ID!


Last post dealt with Bots (PaulBots), this time we focus on Zombie Voters.

Before I explain to you the Zombie issue, lets focus on what you need a legitimate ID for:

Ways to stop the Zombie Menace
If you say "Someone cannot get an ID because its hard," forgets that to go through day to day stuff, you occasionally need some ID to live. 

Now, if these states calling for Voted ID add a "Poll Tax," or "Literacy test," then yes, call them out for being racist or anti-commoner (and call the DOJ), but for Voter ID?  That dog won't hunt.

Because of Voter ID's, even the Zombie Apocalypse can be stopped (I'm a Goth, just run with it)


Romero's Land of the Dead (2005) Or Voters in YOUR County

It was well known in 1960 Chicago, that Zombie Voters affected that elections (the Chicago machine); And again in Washington State in 2004 and the most well known sighting of Zombie Voters occurred during the Minnesota recount of 2008

And even G-d himself does not know how many Zombie Voters were involved in the Tammany's control of New York City. 

If you think there is no problem with a Zombie Voter, remember that Zombie Voters can take your name out of the voters list and vote as if they were you.  Unless you like people taking your Credit card number too, I would be shocked that even Democrats are fine with this. (Maybe they are)

Like Max Brooks (son of funnyman, Mel Brooks) and his Zombie Survival Guide, here is:

1.  If you vote, show a proper photo ID 
1A. If you vote by mail, also make a copy of the photo ID.  

Thus, the Zombie Voter cannot claim to be you.  If you turn into a Zombie Voter, the red tape will kill you, kill you for real.  

2.  Make sure your County Party and Assembly District Committee [ADC] clears the roles of the Zombie Voters and the Moved Away Voters;
2A.  If you are involved with your County and ADC, help them with your Precinct.  Zombie Voters can come from anywhere.  Even the house next door.  

Clearing the rolls is done every cycle.  If you hear couch fainting, that's Democrats trying to find another excuse. 

3.Be a Poll Watcher on Election day to make sure no Zombie Voters walk in -- check their ID (used for check cashing, Credit card using and catching a plane).  Every living human being has one.  Zombie Voters have fake ID's.
3A.  Make sure when you vote, the poll watchers check your ID.   If not, or it looks like you have voted already (when you didn't), the Zombie Voter got ahead of you.  Call and contact you local County Party and State Election Commission.  

Poll watchers do a thankless job during elections.  Thank them.

Its easier to stop Zombie Voters then actual Zombies (or werewolves or Vampires [Hint: NO SPARKLES]).  Zombies you have to hit in the head and make sure they don't get up to eat you or your brains.  

Zombie Voters can be stopped by having photo ID's, just as you would need to buy alcohol,  but you are saving Civilization every time you use it.  

My question: How else do you stop Zombie Voters? And why do Democrats have Zombie Voters as a protected class of citizen?

**Thank you Zombieland!

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  1. Other countries require production of a passport to vote and it should be the same in the USA. This way we will know that citizens are voting, in many states you don't have to be a citizen to get a driver's license or other id. It's not really that hard to get an id and some states want to offer them free to people. Considering you need an id to open a bank account etc. I fail to see how it is a bad thing to require the same for voting...or maybe banking, flying, and driving are more important?


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