Sunday, April 01, 2012

April 2012 Tip Jar (With a Gothy Muse from Being Human)

It's the beginning of the month, so its time to ask: Please hit the Tip Jar.

As always, the number I'm trying to reach is $300 So, please hit the Tip Jar!


Now, I have been watching a cool show on the Sci-fi channel (who ever made the marketing decision to change the name, can I say: stop being stupid!) called Being Human.  

It is a Canadian/US version of a BBC show about a Vampire, Werewolf and a Ghost living under the same roof. These Vampires don't sparkle, so thank G-d for small things.  The show takes place in a Montreal suburb of Boston (cheaper to film there?) and the Werewolves have packs; The Vampires have hierarchies.

The leader of the vampires used to be this bad-ass named Bishop, then "Mother," came back and her daughter Suran took over (How we got there, I will not tell.  SPOILERS!)

Suran is played by the beautiful Dichen Lachman who is from Tibet. She was also was in the Doctor Who spinoff: Torchwood.  

Here are a few pictures of this beautiful Gothy Muse:

as Suren

Feasting in the 1920's
Publicity shot for Dollhouse
In Torchwood
Publicity shot

Looking Beautiful
The "WOW" Picture
Sunday Punch Movie Poster

I hope you watch Being Human and follow this Gothic beauty's Twitter feed.

And please hit the Tip Jar.

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