Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The TV Tropes Election (President Obama Edition)

Election 04 was the first birth pangs of the 'Net; Election 08 gave Americans the first steps of the 'Net warriors and Election 12 is the first full election that can be fought and won (or lost) on the 'Net.

I have told the California Republican Party (and the Republican Party of Los Angeles) how important it is to have a web presence at all times (especially during an odd numbered year) -- I hope after June 5th, I will be at the Magnolia office working to make it real.

And the web has grown too, I used to geek out to IMDB (and here in LA, "Are you on the IMDB?" is also a pickup line), then to Wikipedia and now to TV Tropes.

What is TV Tropes?

TV Tropes gives the Meta story of what is within the story (and it also very addicting).

Here is an example, this is from Dracula (of course!):

Count Dracula — the Big Bad. He's Affably Evil, at least at the beginning of the novel.

Now, my turn.

Here are the TV Tropes for Election 2012:

Cry Wolf (i.e. RAAAAACISTS!!!!!Eleventy!!): After four years of calling everyone who does not support President Obama "Racists," (that includes Hillary! supporters, Republicans and Tea Partiers), how can anyone believe what Democrats or MSNBC say about this issue ever again? 

Strawman Political: How many times has President Obama blamed his predecessor? It's gotten so, we joke about it on the Right:

Or blame Congress (even though he had LARGE majorities in the House and Senate in his first two years to do ANYTHING).  NOW, he wants Congress to follow him!

Barbarian Tribe - How Republicans, Democrats who don't support President Obama and their supporters are portrayed (I'm not doing Godwin here!) [And a side note: This Trope has been done to Republicans since 1964]

His Story Repeats Itself - President Obama is still trying to catch the rising tide of 2008.  It's not there anymore.

Lowest Common Denominator -- If the Democrats start attacking Romney's religion or Cry Wolf again, they (and President Obama) have run out of arguments.  (Or if you attack the wife and kids of Romney, President Truman would not be pleased) 

Corporate Corrupt Executive and Eat the Rich:  Two tropes that tie into President Obama's strategy for 2012.

1) Any funder of Republicans (or their allies i.e. ALEC) are to be attacked;
2) The OWS movement will attack any person who does not support President Obama and the Democrats. 

I'm looking at riots this summer in Downtown LA either by the "Crying wolf," forces or the OWS movement.  Be ready.

My question: What TV Tropes (from their website) do you think also stand for President Obama's 2012 campaign?

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