Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ian Masters will sell Israel's security for Obama's Re-election. Where is Jonah Lowenfeld and the Jewish Journal LA?

Dear David Siegel, Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles,

With President Mahmoud Ahmadinijed denying the existence of the Holocaust and Israel, as well as building Nuclear capabilities to attack Israel to advance those beliefs, why is the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles [JJLA] turning a blind spot to KPFK and Ian Masters' attacks on Israel?

When Israel made a coalition of protection with Azerbeijan, Ian Masters rushed this to the air with no concern of Israeli lives.  And the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles remains quiet while KPFK and Ian Masters broadcast hate speech directed at Israel. Heck, Ian Masters attacks Israel to protect President Obama -- yet, JJLA is silent.

Mr. Masters is more concerned with President Obama's re-election then the missiles flying from the Gaza Strip or Iranian Nuclear Missiles directed at the only Jewish state in the world. By Mr. Masters openly supporting President Obama's re-election (and other radio hosts as well), KPFK and the rest of the Pacifica Radio networks cannot claim to be a 501(c)3 during fundraising.

I hope the Jewish Consulate will speak to the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and wonder why they are unconcerned about anti-semitism from the Left and President Obama supporters, rather then support Israel's allies from the Right.

I also hope that the Jewish Journal starts supporting the younger and older Jews who are active in the Republican Party of Los Angeles [RPLAC] and hires them to write; Instead the JJLA is supporting a 71 year old member of Congress rather then a younger Jewish woman whose influence will last longer .  Berman does not even understand how the Internet works!  JJLA refuses to support any Jewish Republicans! 

I hope your office sees Susan Shelley as a future Congresswoman instead of looking to the past like Jonah Lowenfeld.  
Mr. Siegel, I hope your office does not turn a blind eye to the anti-semitism of KPFK as JJLA does.  

Thank you for your time.



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