Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why did Bob Simon of 60 Minutes do an Anti - Israel Piece? For the Same Reason that Jonah Lowenfeld stays Silent on Anti Israel Rantings from KPFK

If you remember a while back, I did an experiment  called "Fisking 60 Minutes," to see how the producers (and reporters) erred their stories Politically.

I was able to stop halfway through the season when this total came forth:

And the final score for 60 minutes, season 43 in 2010:

16 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 2 1/2 Stories that err on the Right.

So. when Bob Simon did this story on Sunday:

The only conclusion is that 60 Minutes responded to a call from either the White House, State Department or the DNC. This current White House is not supportive of Netanyahu, why should 60 Minutes help Israel?

It reminds me locally of Jonah Lowenfeld of JJLA and his stance on anti-semitism coming from KPFK.  He is too busy helping 71 year old Rep. Berman win elections then he is to stop anti-Israel hate speech in Los Angeles.

The last time Jonah Lowenfeld stopped Anti semitism from the Left was in 2009 (but that was due to others fighting ahead of him).  KPFK continues on with Radio Intifada though.  No Jonah Lowenfeld to be found.  

When Ian Masters released the information about the alliance between Azerbaijan and Israel over Iran, where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where.

Radio Intifada blasts anti- Israel propaganda every week from North Hollywood, where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where 

KPFK Morning shows bask in attacks on Israel. Where was Jonah Lowenfeld? No where. 

Only if it affects Liberal politicians does Lownfeld stand up for the Jews.  Same with 60 Minutes. 

My question: Why are Jewish "Journalists," ready to sell out Israel for Liberal (and old) politicians? 

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