Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peace on Earth?

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Merry Christmas! As we are near the end of the year, we think of good cheer and Peace on Earth. When I was Bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall in 1983, I saw the three Religions in Jerusalem acting on their best behavior for their individual holidays (Ramadan, Hanukkah and Christmas).

A few weeks back, I was on the Venice Boardwalk where a college kid asked me to do one thing for Peace (for a college assignment, he had to ask people to do "something" for Peace [He told me he was a student at UC-Berkley]). Had I posted than, it would not matter. But, with Christmas, I have to ask, what does it take to make Peace on Earth?

Peace is not just an absence of war or people thinking the same thing (as Liberals want the rest of us to do), but allowing Wilsonianism to spread, bringing freedom from those under Dictators and Theocrats. Back in the 19th Century, Europe was considered beyond hope (save for England) because of it's insular leadership. Three centuries before, the Church and Sovereigns controlled how the masses were led (or died). What forced Europe into the modern era where Democracy runs unfettered? World War Two.

Now, history repeats itself in the Middle East. There are many words written that Islam is not compatible with Democracy. These words come from comfortable Liberals who never have to worry about their Life, Liberty or property. But there are Muslims promoting the idea of free peoples and Democracy within the Middle East. Even religious scholars write on how Democracy promotes understanding.

I have discussed here that Code Pink has done nothing to create peace. Nothing. Sometimes the methods (i.e. the barrel of a gun) by the Bush Administration are controversial, but the end result is what matters. What proof do I have Democracy works? Read Thomas Friedman's (not a neo-conservative) Golden Arches Theory of Conflict prevention.

Since 1970 (when I was born), no two Democracies have gone to war. That's a long time. But Dictators and Theorcrats should not be given comfort and aid, yet that is what Code Pink does for Peace. The true Peace-loving organization in the world is Freedom House. Here is the map of Freedom today. Every country, every person should be free; Then there will be Peace.

What is your vision of Peace on Earth?


  1. Peace through strength, always Joseph!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Day. Here's to you and yours for a great '08!

  2. JSF, my vision of peace on earth is decent, honest and just leadership with integrity leading each country. It's where every person is free and doesn't have to fear torture, imprisonment and death for speaking the truth. It's where a society has enough respect for itself and others to live by strong moral standards and pass them on from generation to generation. It's where adults aren't so selfish as to put themselves above their own offspring (or the children of others) by abusing, neglecting, aborting, lying to, experimenting with and generally hating the most vulnerable who are going to grow up to be the next generation.
    Any less than this is a bandaid. I'm sick to death of hearing the world crying 'peace, peace' when the whole place is a huge festering sore.

  3. In order to have peace on earth an individual must be at peace with themselves.

  4. This is not going to be a very popular answer, but I don't see peace on earth as long as religion continues to exist. But then again, people will find reasons to kill each other even without some imaginary friend in the sky telling them to do it. As much as I'd like to see peace, I wonder if it's possible given human nature. Best thing you can do is try to live peacefully yourself. Peace sure as hell can't be forced on people at the barrel of a gun.


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