Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Birthday Post 2007

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Today, as of 6:58AM, is my 37th birthday. Last night, my friends and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant in Glendale; Great food, I highly recommend having Brazilian Barbecue at least once in your life.

The next post, I will discuss my endorsements. Here is a little history of December 16. For now, here some things I still want to do in my life.

  1. Write and publish books on politics, policy and fiction. I got my Gateway laptop on Friday; I am planning on writing two books next year -- one fiction and one non-fiction.
  2. Ride the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian railway and Amtrak across the US.
  3. Work for the UK Conservatives under David Cameron and work under a Republican majority in Congress as a Legislative Director in a House or Senate member office.
  4. Ride a horse through the Khyber Pass.
  5. Work for a Presidential candidate (not incumbent) in New Hampshire as a strategist or advisor.
  6. Settle down, have a family and buy a house in McLean, VA.
  7. Be quoted in the political section in the Washington Post; Written about in the Lexington section of The Economist.
  8. Get some items from my Wishlist.
  9. Have a dinner party with Aurora, Jason, Chessnovice, Malcot, Donald Douglas and Ann Althouse to discuss politics and blogs.
  10. Work in a Republican White House Chief of Staff's office during a first term.

Those are my wishes when I blow out the candles tonight.


  1. You are most welcome in the palace at anytime my darling. I am sure whomever is in my life at that time won't mind. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and let's have the dinner party at The Wall ;) Shalom Motek.

  2. My friend, may you have a bright and blessed birthday. Email me your address I have a gift for you.

  3. JSF, all the best. I hope you had a fantastic day! As for the dinner party...I know a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean with fine Australian wine and blue sky arcing overhead. It's a bit of a trip from your place, but I know you'd like it. ;)

  4. JSF, happy birthday! Just once in a lifetime is not enough for Brazilian steakhouses.


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