Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Posts of 2007

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Happy New Year! This was the year the Valley expanded from being a monologue to a dialogue. Last year, Malcot (under a different pseudonym then) and ChessNovice were my only real readers; Now I'm pleased to have Aurora, Jason and newly arrived Donald Douglas. The comment sections are not of Althousian lengths yet, but the Blog has a lot more readers (and subscribers) now. First, a thanks to all for reading and commenting!

Here are the Best Posts of 2006. Now onto 2007:

12. The South Park Gnomes and the Anti-war groups share the same logic.

11. Comparing a Doctor Who episode to America's foreign policy in the War on Terror. This was linked by Thomas P. M. Barnett of The Pentagons New Map

10. Modern Presidents and the Julio-Claudians -- The Theory.

9. What is Institutionalism?

8. The introduction of the term: Goldwater to Nixon moments; And how Democrats never chastise their own (unless they break ranks by differing against the war).

7. The rights of Bloggers and their Real estate in Cyberspace. This generated the most visits in one day thanks to links by Althouse and Donald Douglas.

6. With the dollar in flux, it might be worth it to take a look at George Soros' true reasons for backing Democrats. It's not all about the war.

5. Reviewing 300 and the comparisons to America's foreign policy. SPARTA!

4. My vision of Modern Conservatism.

3. The Democrat's Anti-Semitism Cycle: The Heathlander and his love for Hamas; Anti-Semitism within Kos and Kos not discussing Anti-Semitism within his own Blog. The latter post was linked by Michelle Malkin.

2. Two posts: Why Hillary Clinton shouldn't win; Why Ron Paul shouldn't win.

1. The California Encyclicals. How the GOP can take back California. Read them all. (Prologue, Burbank 1 and 2, Los Angeles 1 and 2, California 1, 2 and 3, and Coda)

Before I close out the year with some music, my questions are:

A) Which is your favorite post? Is it on the list?
B) What do you enjoy about the Valley? What can make it better?

Now, Memory Gospel by Moby. The song was in the movie Southland Tales. The video here is just peaceful -- May everyone have a safe and successful 2008!


  1. JSF, my favorite posts of yours are where you're too busy to post and throw some link love my way. But out of this list, I do enjoy the whole Heathlander thing much in the way I enjoy a good trashy reality show. I don't seek out people having silly drama with each other, but if I come across it, I can't take my eyes away. And of course, any of your anti-Hillary posts are cool with me.

  2. JSF, the best thing about this blog is you! You've got a nice homey thing going about your little community here, (despite our...let's call them diversities). Keep up the great work.
    By the way, I haven't been over for a week or so as I've been enjoying our beautiful golden beaches here in Australia. Back on board now.

  3. Dropping by to say hello and thanks for the visit/comment. Are you on blog explosion? If so.. what's your "name" there?


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