Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Next Ten Yards

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Every year, it looks like the Washington Redskins will make a dent in the playoffs, and every year they fall short. Each month is a series of Downs in a year full of Yards. As the Stranger says in The Big Lebowski: Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.

Where do I hope to move the football in 2008?

1) Throughout the Presidential Primaries, Jason, of Washington Interns Gone Bad, and I will comment on how the elections affect our respective parties. The reason I haven't commented on Iowa yet is because, it is still one half the picture. You can't judge the half a picture of Delacroix, nor can you judge a partial picture of Iowa without New Hampshire. Maybe someone can recommend Jason and I to

2) I own a laptop, but it is still waking up. When it is fully awake, I plan on writing two books on there -- one fiction and one non-fiction. Some of the posts from the Valley might be seen in the non-fiction book. Hopefully, I will have them published by March 2009. Does anyone know any Literary Agents? Also, I now own a Casio Exlim EX-Z77. With that camera, I will take pictures and do Vlogs.

3) Some future posts for the Valley: How believing in Evolution means you cannot believe in Global Warming; Future California Encyclicals; How I went from a Liberal Democrat to a Conservative Republican (with a libertarian streak); More posts on the future of Hollywood with assorted strikes; Wilsonianism and Nixonianism; campaign issues, and finally, more sightings of Democratic Anti-Semitism (and Liberal Blindness to the issue).

4) A future link from Instapundit. And more incoming links to the Valley.

5) The local move, completed.

6) Valley of the Shadow objects to sell (via CafePress).

7) More money and fame by the next December 16th.

Hope to see you this year!

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