Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going (iv)

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Sorry for dropping out again, but here is the news on the Home front:

1) Car eats Apartment Money. If you own an old car, you know the hassles and troubles of maintaining it. So, still maintained, still going. But I have to save all over again. Ugh.

2) Book Status:

On the Non-fiction Book: Messages from the Valley -- I have gotten past the table of Contents, the Introduction and the first chapter. The Second Chapter begins on Sunday.

On the Fiction Book: Mourning for Cicero (tentative Title) -- Plotting out the plot and the characters. This is a bastardized version of a book I started working on during Summer 2001. It was about a group of businessmen negotiating to put a casino on Lower Manhattan after a Terrorist attack. I stopped that September; This book has a specific jumping off point in real world history: "The Bloody 8th." I'll figure out the rest.

From Sunday to Thursday, I work on Messages from the Valley; On Friday through Sunday, I work on the fiction book.

3) Looking at a Gym
This Sunday, I will checking out a Gym near Universal Studios. No matter what time I get done with work, I should have time to work out. Rain or no rain.

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